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11 September 2011 @ 09:44 am
Writer's Block: 9/11  
Where were you?
Wow, it's been a decade already huh?
Well, to tell you the truth I have no idea what I was doing on the day that this happened. But what I do know is that I was a 6 year old living in the Philippines. 

My brother had asked this question to my mom and she had said that she was in the Philippines. But early in the morning she recieved a phone call from her brother saying that New York had just been attacked...She had said that she quickly turned on the tv and was (like most other people) upset and probably crying. My mom had said that it saddened her to see all those people jumping from windows and it upset her to think about what their families would feel like...

When we asked her how this had affected her life, she stated that there's uncertainty about our safety now. She worries a lot more about her family and kids, and even people working jobs in skyscraper buildings like that. 

So, what about you? Where were you in 9/11? Has it affected your live in some way?