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29 February 2012 @ 07:12 pm
2nd? No, 3rd? I think it's my 4th attempt.  
For so many times now I've tried to convince myself that going back to Livejournal would be a good thing, so let's see if I can commit! 
I'm starting a challenge for myself now to see if I can update my livejournal everyday! That's right everyday ( /^▽^)/ whoot!
So let's see how long this lasts until I get sick of it or I forget (you can count on the forgetting part, half the time I don't even remember my password for this anymore xD)

Let's see, what did I do today? Umm...

I started my day at 3:30am~ Woke up at around that time to finish up my oh-so-interesting-and-important homework. Anyways, got it done, submitted it and finally switched onto watching RUNNING MAN! Now this! I should definitely talk about!

If you do not know Running Man, let me quickly explain this. It is a Korean variety show about 8 cast members running around in the landmark they are in and completing a series of missions. The show's motto being: "Don't walk, run!" Amongst the cast, there are guests celebrities that come to be a part of the show for that episode. It's actually quite interesting! They always crack jokes and make fun of each other (of course, it is variety...) but it's all in good fun. (^ ㅂ ^ )

I'm already up on episode 41 and as much fun it is, I am truly upset. (Those who have seen it should understand...) I never really expected it, but hey life happens.

Other than that~ Oh yeah. I almost killed myself today (.___. )
I'm serious. I was hungry so I had decided to cook some spring rolls, (LUMPIA FOR ALL MY FLIPS OUT THERE YO!) and that decision was a terrible one... I had started the stove, placed oil, waited, then dropped one in the oil. FREAKING UTTER CHAOS WHAT THE HELL DID I DO MOMMY HELP ME! (ㅠ_ㅠ ) 
Oil flew everywhere (and at this time I was also boiling water for some noodles) the oil flew into the fire on the stove and flames licked up on the pots and pans. I FREAKED OUT. I screamed when oil splatters landed on me and I ran to shut off the stove. 
*sigh* The stove + oil + me... never a good combination... I knew that before, but I was so hungry... 

After that ordeal, I watched some more Running Man and I should probably get started on my homework now right? (=___= ) Just kill me already...Too much to do with homework...

Well, I guess this is goodbye for now nonexistent readers~ Until tomorrow!